What offers the MIL?

The MIRO Innovation Lab implements the basic idea of the Innovation Labs in robot-assisted, interventional medicine. The establishment of the MIRO Innovation Lab at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen means that the research infrastructures, systems and knowledge of the institute can be utilized.

At the MIRO Innovation Lab

  • we launch innovations and product developments with our partners,
  • provide our know-how in the field of medical robotics (MIRO technology) and our clinical expertise,
  • thereby open up new fields of application in medical robotics for our partners,
  • thus facilitating access to the medical technology market,
  • accompany the development process from the idea to prototype testing and
  • offer our partners different formats and run times for cooperation.

Potential Applications for the joint development of robotic assistance systems for medical diagnostics and intervention could be:

  • mechatronic system design as well as system analysis and control
  • sensory acquisition of information and intelligent processing (perception and cognition)
  • automation and autonomy in the operating room
  • (pre-) clinical examination of prototypical design
  • (e. g. validity or usability)

Target groups:

  • SMEs
  • Hospitals
  • Research facilities

In particular, we open the MIRO Innovation Lab to smaller companies that have not yet had an opportunity to take part in the highly dynamic market of medical robotics.