Katharina Hagmann, DLR-MIRO Innovation Lab

27.09.2022 – Outstanding scientists, experts from industry and students presented their work in various areas of data science at the “Women in Data Science” event on July 5th and 6th in Regensburg. The lectures and posters can now be viewed online.

The conference is dedicated to the exciting work of women in different application areas of data science – one of which is robot-assisted surgery.

Surgical data science plays an immense role in the optimization of minimally invasive robotic surgery. By collecting, evaluating and providing data, surgeons can be provided with valuable planning and decision-making aids, which in turn improves the quality of patient treatment. Katharina Hagmann from the team at the DLR-MIRO Innovation Lab reported on the latest research work in this area. Her presentation as well as other contributions and information about the event can be found here.