21.12.2022 – Don’t miss the 2nd DIH-HERO Knowledge conference on 25th April 2023 in Barcelona!

Selected experts will give you an up-to-date insight into key topics of robotics in healthcare. In various sessions, the following topics will be explained, among others: the use of robots in healthcare, reimbursement in various European countries and the results of FSTP funding. Furthermore, the future of the DIH-HERO network will be presented and discussed with you. You can also expect interesting presentations from key players in medical robotics and healthcare.

Digital Innovation Hub Healthcare Robotics is an independent and sustainable platform for all those who are active in the healthcare ecosystem. Our mission is to create a sustaining network that connects business and healthcare stakeholders and enabling them to develop innovative products and services for the healthcare market. You can learn more about DIH-HERO here: https://dih-hero.eu