24.10.2022 – IROS (International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems) is one of the largest and most influential robotics research conferences in the world. It provides an international forum to explore the frontiers of science and technology of intelligent robots and machines.

With the theme “Embodied AI for a Symbiotic Society,” this year’s IROS will be held in Japan, Kyoto from October 23-27. Renowned scientists from around the world will share the latest research developments in panel discussions, forums, workshops, tutorials and exhibitions.

Two of our scientists, Michael Dyck and Christopher Schlenk from the MIRO Innovation Lab, will present their research at this year’s IROS. Christoper Schlenk will present the latest research results on a robotic system for solo surgery in flexible ureterorenoscopy within a papersession on the topic of medical robots and systems on Monday, Oct. 24. Urolithiasis (the formation or presence of kidney stones) is a common condition in all age groups. Smaller kidney stones are usually treated with a flexible ureteroscope. However, handling the flexible ureteroscope and end effectors requires the presence of two surgeons. Researchers at the German Aerospace Center now present a modular robotic system for endoscope manipulation, which is adaptable to different handheld ureteroscopes and allows the procedure to be performed alone. You can read more in the published paper.

Michael Dyck is nominated for the “IROS Best Paper Award for Industrial Robotics Research with Real-World Applications Sponsored by Mujin Inc.” for his paper on impedance control on arbitrary surfaces for medical ultrasound applications.

More information about the conference in Japan can be found here.